• Drugs/Alcohol:  None.  Clouseau orders wine but none is consumed.
  • Language/Profanity:  Very mild.  One “a” word is the only direct profanity.  “God” is used in a general exclamation of surprise.
  • Sex/Nudity:  No direct sexuality or provocative imagery, but sexually suggestive jokes and wordplay occur on occasion.  Clouseau refers to a woman as “sexy” in a very sensual way.  The descriptor “sexy” is used several times.  Clouseau attends several “sensitivity training” sessions to learn what’s considered offensive, and in those meetings sexually suggestive conversations (for comic effect) occur, such as Lily Tomlin’s counselor describing a sexy woman in a tight blouse moving seductively.  Clouseau and another man discuss pursuing women where the intent is clearly meant for sex.  These moments aren’t verbally explicit, but overall they are very suggestive.  Other innuendos are mild and would be lost on young children.
  • Violence/Other:  Little violence, and of what there is (including gunplay) it’s all for broad comic effect.

Jeffrey Huston is a film director, writer and producer at Steelehouse Productions in Tulsa, Okla.  He is also cohost of the "Steelehouse Podcast,” along with Steelehouse Executive Creative Mark Steele, where each week they discuss God in pop culture. 

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