Of course, one could argue that a valuable point is ultimately being made about the impersonal nature of technology—and how a human connection is the one that really matters. And while that message is probably more relevant than ever in the age of accumulating as many Facebook friends as possible, that moral has been delivered in a far more entertaining package than it is in 9. If anything, it's yet another reminder of the missed opportunity for making a thought-provoking piece of cinema in an unconventional skin.

  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language/Profanity:  None.
  • Sex/Nudity:  None.
  • Violence:  9 is not your average family-friendly animated flick, and parents should strongly heed the film's PG-13 rating. In addition to a bleak depiction of a post-apocalyptic world, (moments of the war leading up to the current state are shown) there are some truly scary moments that involve brutal attacks (small knives, needles and shooting are involved). In some cases, body parts are simply lopped off, and the heroes are still alive after suffering such great abuse. Another frightening sequence involves the sucking out of the heroes' souls, an act that eventually renders them lifeless. Most of the action is bloodless, but it's no less gripping as there's significant carnage.

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