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July 2012
Okay to Chill the Kids Out on This Ice

Amazingly, the Ice Age franchise hasn't melted yet, which is music to a parent’s ears when searching for suitable entertainment.

To Rome with Love Isn't Another Midnight in Paris

This is Woody Allen at his laziest, not much more than a collection of four non-intersecting short stories.

Part of Me Highlights Perry's Christian Upbringing, Mistakes, Quirks

If there’s a theme that rings the loudest in Part of Me, it’s to be true to yourself, even if that seems “weird” to the masses.

Savages Sinks Despite Stone

Though Oliver Stone re-establishes his directorial credibility, his young actors simply aren’t up to the task of carrying this morbid morality tale.

Rebooted Spider-Man Fun, but "Amazing"? Nah

Gets less interesting as it goes, but it’s rarely boring. There's fresher popcorn to be found, but the craving is still satisfied.

June 2012
Beasts of the Southern Wild a Stunning Debut

Director Benh Zeitlin’s first feature is nothing short of stunning—one that holds as much promise as any debut in memory.

Life Proves Complicated for People Like Us

Its deft handling of complicated family situations makes People Like Us one of the best American films released so far this year.

You're Better Off Without Ted

Just when you think movies can't possibly get any dumber, Hollywood goes and outdoes itself with the R-rated comedy Ted.

Seeking a Friend Not the Usual Disaster Film

In this “disaster film,” it’s the three weeks before the forthcoming arrival of a 70-mile wide asteroid that count.

Family Ties Fought for in Brave

A terrific lesson about the mother/daughter relationship and the need for grace from both generations.

June 2012
Artful Moonrise Kingdom a Story of First Love

When I see superior filmmaking like Moonrise Kingdom, I can’t help but wonder what it is that Wes Anderson’s imitators lack.

Vampire Hunter Skirts Truth, Fumbles Fiction

Never finds the right balance between historical send-up and serious historical drama.

Debauchery, Decadence Rule in Rock of Ages

While the movie poster promises “nothin’ but a good time,” Rock of Ages is certainly not good cinema for the whole family.

Sandler Sinks Even Lower with That's My Boy

The newest Adam Sandler film plunges not only to new depths of witless stupidity but out-and-out depravity.

Madagascar 3 a Step Up from Predecessors

Has many inspired, imaginative moments that’ll keep audiences entertained for the short 85-minute duration.

Prometheus Offers Alternate Creation Story

Although it has several good performances, the story of Prometheus is a slap in the face to believers in a divine Creator.

Style Aside, Snow White Is a Rotten Apple

Like so many films these days, far more attention was paid to aesthetics rather than anything resembling quality storytelling.

Freedom Rings in For Greater Glory

A drama about the cost of fighting for religious freedom is a message worth proclaiming. But does that make for good cinema?

Forgiveness Is the Message in Hardflip

This message film will likely thrill teens and perhaps horrify moms—but only because some of the skateboard tricks look dangerous.

Sound of My Voice Only Sounds Intriguing

This thriller begins with an intriguing concept about the mesmerizing power of a cult-leader and then does nothing with it.

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