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June 2012
Madagascar 3 a Step Up from Predecessors

Has many inspired, imaginative moments that’ll keep audiences entertained for the short 85-minute duration.

Prometheus Offers Alternate Creation Story

Although it has several good performances, the story of Prometheus is a slap in the face to believers in a divine Creator.

Style Aside, Snow White Is a Rotten Apple

Like so many films these days, far more attention was paid to aesthetics rather than anything resembling quality storytelling.

Freedom Rings in For Greater Glory

A drama about the cost of fighting for religious freedom is a message worth proclaiming. But does that make for good cinema?

Forgiveness Is the Message in Hardflip

This message film will likely thrill teens and perhaps horrify moms—but only because some of the skateboard tricks look dangerous.

Sound of My Voice Only Sounds Intriguing

This thriller begins with an intriguing concept about the mesmerizing power of a cult-leader and then does nothing with it.

May 2012
Men in Black 3 a Pale Reminder of First Film

In today's culture, Men in Black III may be enough for audiences who judge it against Men in Black II and other dreadful sequels.

Battleship Conquers Action-Movie Fatigue

Full of sound and fury, Battleship will appeal to audiences who can tolerate the voluble, violent battle at the center of the film.

Expect Humor Not Depth in What to Expect

Yet another nonfiction best seller adapted for a multi-character, star-packed movie.

Approach Girl in Progress with Caution

Surprisingly mature in its subject matter, this cautionary tale is the story of a young girl determined to come of age too soon.

May 2012
Eccentricity Doesn't Go Far in Dark Shadows

It’s about time the dynamic duo of Johnny Depp and director Tim Burton start seeing other people—professionally speaking, anyway.

Journey Transforms at the Marigold Hotel

A group of elderly English strangers—each at a personal crossroads—grows from taking a journey they never expected when they stay at this hotel.

Heaven Hardly Lives Up to Its Title

In addition to a paper-thin plotline and a made-for-TV feel, there’s not a single laugh in all 106 minutes—a new rom-com record.

The Avengers is Old-Fashioned Fun

Summer movies—even overstuffed ones—can still provide a heavy dose of good old-fashioned fun.

April 2012
The Raven Not Worthy of Poe Legacy

If you see The Raven, you're likely to mutter the word from Poe’s well-known poem that shares this film’s title: "Nevermore."

Skilled and Carefree Pirates! Entertains

Even with its idiosyncratic style, The Pirates! is as skilled as it is carefree and an easily consumed treat for the masses.

Plan to Skip This Five-Year Engagement

If knowing this film is "from the producers of Bridesmaids" turns your stomach, then The Five-Year Engagement is not for you.

Breathtaking To the Arctic Lacks Focus

While the 3D photography is breathtaking, the narrative falls prey to blatant sentimentality.

Think Like a Man Is a Sign of the Times

Consider this film entertainment with a moral dimension, but also as a sign of how far our standards have fallen as a society.

God Writes the Story in Chimpanzee

With a plot twist worthy of a Dickens novel, God clearly writes the story in Disneynature’s new Chimpanzee wildlife documentary.

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