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June 2002
Suspenseful K-19 Celebrates Heroism, Humanity

Director Kathryn Bigelow delivers a spirited tale of loyalty and high drama.

Fire Effects Light Up a Weak Plot

The plot for Reign of Fire is mostly hot air, but the special effects are fun.

Father Figures Loom Large in Rich Road to Perdition

The story makes a strong statement about fathers, weaving together several father/son relationships.

Hey Arnold Makes Shaky Transition to Big Screen

Unfolding at a leisurely 75 minutes, Hey Arnold! The Movie will amuse young fans of the TV cartoon, but adults, rather than the kids, might find themselves wandering the theater.

Likable Mike Teaches Valuable Lessons

It's not a slam dunk, but it's a nice lay-up.

Powerpuff Girls: A Weak, Worrisome Waste of Time

Violence, crude language . . . hey, is this a kids' movie?

Men in Black Sequel Is Missing Crucial Chemistry

Though enjoyable, the second Men in Black compares unfavorably to its predecessor.

Mr. Deeds: Good for a Few Laughs

Mr. Deeds has some laughs, but the rating reminds us it also has some "Sandler" drawbacks.

Juwanna Mann: It's a Brick

Juwanna Mann isn't horrendous but is far inferior to other movies in theaters right now. See one of those instead. This one's a rental, if that.

Lilo & Stitch: A Small Surprise

Once I got into the story, heard the darling voice of Lilo, listened to the clever way the story uses Elvis music and discovered that the main themes of the story are the importance of family and loyalty to loved ones, it was hard not to enjoy Lilo and Stitch.

June 2002
Minority Report: Give It an "A"

After Spielberg's disappointing A.I. and Cruise's atrocious Vanilla Sky, the two redeem themselves with this smart futuristic thriller.

Scooby-Doo: A Scrappy, Silly Comedy

This is a fun summer movie but not one I can recommend as kid-friendly.

Bourne Identity: A Thrill a Minute

This riveting thriller deals with murder, intrigue and politics.

Secrets: Poignant Plot, With Funny One-liners

The story is told in flashback, and the script is filled with great one-liners and truisms. It also has a serious side about one mother's stability and abuse of her children. Sandra Bullock plays a woman troubled by her mother's past and fighting her own fears.

Company Script Leaves a Bad Taste

I was hoping this would be a great pairing, but the chemistry gamble fell flat. It just goes to show that even when you have the best talent behind and in front of the cameras, a well-written script is still key to making a movie work.

May 2002
Undercover Brother: As Tired as the Era It Spoofs

If you liked Austin Powers, you'll probably enjoy this black imitation version. I normally find Eddie Griffin annoying, loud and obnoxious, but fortunately for him, that's exactly what this character calls for.

Fears Provides Reminder of a Dangerous World

Serves a social purpose in reminding us all of how precarious the global climate is at the moment.

April 2002
The Climb: Salvation in Slow Motion

Tries to overcome its by-the-numbers plot with some spectacular scenery and slow-motion action sequences, but the result isn't compelling.

March 2002
Dark Insomnia not as Complex as It Appears

Crime thriller is done in by its questionable premise.

Thrilling Enough Sends a Mixed Moral Message

Revenge fantasy is just that-- a fantasy. It's effective, but not biblical.

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