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February 2002
Violent Rollerball Has Little to Recommend

How did this film manage to get a "PG-13" rating?

Liar Is a Big Fat Winner

The importance of honesty and trust, as well as a person's ethical character and behavior, are themes that make this movie worth taking your kids and teens to see.

January 2002
Blow Out the Candles, the Party's Over

Kidman's performance can't overcome a poor script in Birthday Girl.

Sex-Saturated Slackers Sinks

Slackers is a great example of how Hollywood wastes film and advertising money.

Brotherhood of the Wolf Takes Audience for a Ride

Based on a true story that took place before the French Revolution in 1765, a beast roams the countryside of Gevaudan, France, killing only women and children. Unsatisfied with the results produced by his army, the king sends a court biologist and his mysterious blood brother to investigate the killings.

Kung Pow!: How Low Can They Go?

Writer-director Steve Oedekerk (The Nutty Professor, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls) also stars in a new style of martial arts film that dubs his altered dialogue over footage from a 1970s martial arts picture. The story is loosely about "The Chosen One" (Oedekerk), who seeks to avenge the death of his parents by killing kung fu legend Master Pain.

Questions Linger After Mothman Prophecies

Mysterious film leads to a let-down of an ending.

Tender I Am Sam Warms the Heart

Film reaffirms the importance of parents in the lives of their children.

Classic Story Comes Alive in Count of Monte Cristo

This thrilling, swashbuckling adventure revives a classic tale for a new generation.

Positive Message Lifts A Walk to Remember

Moral themes enhance a romantic storyline that's been done before.

January 2002
Snow Dogs: Feel-good Fun

Snow Dogs is a fun, feel-good comedy with gorgeous scenery (it's worth watching the movie for that alone). This family comedy also deals with the sensitive subject of birth parents giving up their child, and adoptive parents loving that child as their own.

Black Hawk Down: Raw Courage, Passionately Portrayed

Brilliantly executed action sequences and amazing battle scenes in Black Hawk Down don't overshadow several moments of human interest, exemplified by the men's willingness to literally lay down their lives for their fellow fighters.

G-rated Laughs From Jimmy Neutron

Kids get to be the heroes in this animated, "G"-rated movie.

December 2001
Funny Moments are Few in Orange County

Jack Black gets a few laughs, but film's situations are more depressing than they are amusing.

Classy Gosford Park Is a Mysterious Treat

Director Robert Altman has created a movie that plays like a game of Clue, with a talented cast.

Impostor Disappoints in the End

In the year 2079, much of Earth lives under a protective electromagnetic dome. Invaders from a distant solar system want to conquer Earth, sending alien replicants as assassins, equipped with bombs in their chests, to kill important political figures.

Love and Hope Prevail in The Shipping News

Out of cruel, broken and bleak situations, love and hope bring healing to hurting characters.

Ho-Hum Joe Somebody Underwhelms

The film’s content, length and tone resemble an after-school special.

Ali: Goes the Distance, but the Viewer Loses

For those who have never seen or heard anything about Muhammad Ali, this is a good introduction to his life and victories, but for those wanting more than what the documentaries have given us, the movie fails miserably.

The Royal Tenenbaums: Painfully Funny

A brilliant cast delivers a bizarre story that manages to make a profound statement (about the effects of divorce and absent fathers) in a hilarious but weird way.

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