Next up for Beckinsale is Everybody's Fine, directed by Kirk Jones (Nanny McPhee and Waking Ned Devine, which Jones also co-wrote). The film is an American remake of a lovely 1991 film directed and co-written by Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso). Let's hope Beckinsale sticks with projects like that one, which are much better potential vehicles for her proven talent.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Among the several offensive utterances are "godd--n"; "My God," "hell," "Jesus," "oh, God," "we're f--ked" and at least a couple other uses of the "f"-word.
  • Smoking/Drinking:  Plane passengers drink liquor; three people shares a bottle of liquor.
  • Sex/Nudity:  A nude female pictured in magazine; a woman strips to her underwear and is shown from a low angle as she turns on a shower; her nude figure is obscured by a fogged shower door; bare-chested men shown; a man asks to be strip-searched by a woman; nude men run outside and brief frontal male nudity is shown; one of the men propositions a woman who identifies him from among the nude men earlier and says she's not interested in his advances.
  • Violence/Crime:  Machine-gun fire and a gun battle break out aboard a plane; men are tossed about in out-of-control plane and one suffers a fatal blow to the head; bodies shown after plane crash; a corpse is stuck to the ice and he's disfigured; a corpse's stitch is shown, as several shots of his head; a woman is attacked by a man; her head is bashed against a sink, and a bloody wound is exposed; she shoots her assailant, who falls from a great height to his death; this flashback sequence is repeated several times; a man's slit throat is shown; frozen flesh peels off a woman's hand; a killer with a pickaxe stalks a woman and swings his weapon at her several times; more frozen corpses; a falling body is shown hitting the icy ground; drinking and driving; a doctor pierces frostbitten fingers with a needle, then amputates the fingers; a man's neck is snapped; a woman threatens to cut off a man's finger, and leaves a bloody cut; a woman puts her hands into a corpse's opening; suicide.