The inanities are endless and made all the worse by Marshall’s inexplicable throwbacks to other films. Like the scene where Simpson’s dress blows up over a sidewalk grate, as she stands in front of a Seven Year Itch poster. And aunt Penny Marshall’s cameo as an executive who says that she’s “been to Milwaukee.”

If the film has any draw, it’s Simpson’s beauty.  She’s a striking young woman—a point Marshall hammers home with lingering shots of his star’s plunging cleavage and shapely rear-end, all displayed in form-fitting clothing.  What’s particularly disturbing about this scenario is that Simpson’s father, Joe, produced the film.  Footage of him bragging about his daughter’s DD-sized breasts has been widely circulated, but this is even more distressing.  Didn’t this man used to be a youth pastor?

The audience for Blonde Ambition is a mystery.  With such patently silly production values, it seems geared to young girls, but its language and sexuality make it only appropriate for older teens or adults.  In a brief “behind the scenes” featurette, Joe Simpson states that “This is a film for Jessica fans.”  Remind me again.  Who, exactly, are they?


  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Behind the Scenes” featurette


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Mild, including a few quick shots of prescription pills used to frame an innocent employee.
  • Language/Profanity:  A handful of obscenities.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  Lingering and numerous cleavage shots of star (plunging necklines, tight blouses); several shots of a young woman’s clothed rear-end, followed by male approval; young woman climbs into bed with her boyfriend, only to discover another women with him; several scenes with a couple kissing and a few mild sexual allusions; also, a character appears to be homosexual but no mention of his sexuality is ever discussed or alluded to.
  • Violence:   Mostly slapstick, physical comedy—especially pratfalls.