Since the story deals with Anne Marie's abandonment, we know that she hasn't been raised with a caring parent who taught her religious or moral convictions. But how much more of an impression would the movie have made had Anne Marie resisted sex because of her personal convictions or dedication to her contest? (Actually, she ends up arguing the point with her roommate.) Since her relationship with Matt is a turning point in the plot, I wish Anne Marie had decided not to sleep with Matt because of dedication to herself and her sport, despite her attraction to him. That would have been a much more powerful message than the "sex with no guilt or commitment" message Blue Crush ends up sending.

The story is filled with characters who portray the lifestyle many young teens dreams about (living on your own, surfing, playing pro football, being a part of that "cool" surf culture, partying, having sex, being the best in a contest), so you might want to discuss the characters' choices with your kids.

Offensive language and behavior: Lots of obscenities and crude dialogue. Penny sneaks off to a party where there's drinking and older people, and when Anne Marie tries to bring her back, she doesn't come home.

Sexual situations: Scene after scene shows girls in barely-there swimsuits. Lots of flesh is shown. One character rips off his Hawaiian skirt wrap, and the people around him tease him about wearing a "nut hugger" (Speedo). Matt and Anne Marie sleep together, but no sex is shown. The two get a massage and are covered by sheets with only their bare backs shown. There's a brief scene of Anne Marie in the shower with her backside blurred by the foggy glass. No frontal nudity is shown and no full rear nudity, just skimpy bikinis that you see everyday at your local swimming pool.

Violence: A fight takes place between a few local boys and Matt, but no one gets seriously hurt. A couple of girls scuffle with each other.

Parental advisory: This "PG-13" movie will attract your younger teens and adolescents, but because of the sexually suggestive themes, language and adult issues, it's appropriate only for older audiences.

It's a wrap: I really enjoyed this movie for a lot of reasons but mostly because it introduces the sport of surfing as I've never seen it before. I also like the fact that the hero turns out to be a woman who gets her dream and her man! If you've ever been curious about surfing and you can't go to Hawaii to see the biggest waves in the world, do the next best thing and see this movie!