• Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking:  Social drinking and sometimes drunkenness, including one scene where Ally is throwing up after too many jello shots. Tyler is shown smoking cigarettes in the bulk of his scenes, a vice that even his little sister teases him about.
  • Language/Profanity:  An ample amount of four-letter words, including the PG-13 allotment of "f" words and instances where God's name is misused.
  • Sex/Nudity:  There's a quick sex scene with Tyler and Ally, but the shadowy nature of the camera work keeps everything covered. There's also quite a bit of juvenile discussion about sex, especially from Tyler's immature roommate, Aidan (Tate Ellington).
  • Violence:  In the first scene, we see Ally's mother get shot in the stomach (the bullet ends up killing her) by a couple of muggers with a young Ally standing right next to her. When Tyler's brother was 22, he committed suicide, something that's alluded to in several scenes. After being angry about not knowing Ally's whereabouts, Ally's dad Neil gives her a good shove and bloodies her mouth in the process. After Tyler mouths off to Neil following Tyler's arrest for breaking up a fight, Neil messes up Tyler's face pretty good. In a later scene, Neil nearly strangles Tyler once he finds out he and his daughter are dating.

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