• Drugs/Alcohol:  Several drug references during a scene where several cats are buzzing on catnip. Dogs are shown drinking, smoking and yes, even gambling when the famous "dogs playing poker" painting comes to life.

  • Language/Profanity:  No actual profanity, but plenty of euphemisms including "oh my dog," and "what the —" which is never finished but used whenever an expletive would be appropriate. Other rude dialogue includes plenty of scatological humor (butt sniffing, poo references and the like) and a double entendre.

  • Sex/Nudity:  During a sexual harassment workshop, spy dogs are advised not to pinch others inappropriately. There's also a bit of suggestive flirty banter between Diggs and the pretty lady dogs that walk by.

  • Violence:  Mostly shenanigans of a comedic canine nature like bad guys getting bit in the rear by dogs. There are also a few lighthearted (but still dangerous) action sequences that involve exploding bombs, falling fiery balls of debris and animals falling from considerable heights. There's also a scary merry-go-round that could cause some future playground fright for the younger set.

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