Families will want to take caution regarding the violence in The Forbidden Kingdom, as the vast majority of the movie portrays fighting with fists, feet, sticks, swords, wooden staffs, bows and arrows, darts, etc.  Though some characters are wounded or killed, however, it’s not really a bloody movie.  There are a few light obscenities and lots of screaming and yelling.  So between the violence, the screaming, and the ancient Eastern magic portrayals, parents should exercise caution—especially with younger children. 

Those who are already Jackie Chan and Jet Li fans will not mind the need for “willing suspension of disbelief” that’s required for the sometimes far-fetched fight scenes, and the smattering of humor helps fill in where the plot may be lacking.  All in all, this highly-anticipated film ranks right up there with the other kung fu movies of the past couple decades and should be well received by die-hard fans and a new generation of martial arts lovers.


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Wine portrayed frequently, with the Jackie Chan character addicted to it as the source of his power and immortality.
  • Language:  A few mild obscenities; lots of the yelling and screaming typical of kung fu action films.
  • Sex:  None.
  • Violence:  Prevalent, with the vast majority of the movie being kung fu fights.  There are also a couple street fights in Boston, with intimidating thugs shooting and robbing an old man.  A witch uses a terrifying whip on her victims.
  • Religion/Worldview:  Buddhism and ancient magic themes portrayed.