For example, Yankee almost nonchalantly lets a new friend teach him how to dodge apples and keep his eye on where a pitch originates and not where it’s going, and he casually allows a traveling team of ball players from Cincinnati to teach him to hit crazy curve balls – no matter what bumps in the road may come.  Little does he know just how hugely the little lessons and warnings of life might add up to make – or break – a guy’s big dream.

As believers, we can take away some great truths from “Everyone’s Hero,” one of the best being that God uses the weak and foolish things – and people – to confound the wise and do great exploits.  The movie extols the family by showing committed, pursuing parents, and it is a beautiful lesson on perseverance.  Just as “Finding Nemo” taught us to “just keep swimming,” “Everyone’s Hero” shouts, “Just keep swinging!”  My, we're going to be exhausted!

AUDIENCE:  Children and adults


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None
  • Language/Profanity:  None
  • Sex/Nudity:  None
  • Violence:  Plenty of slapstick violence.  For instance, the Cubs Manager beats and maims the bobble-head toy image of Babe Ruth.  The bad guy gets pummeled in all sorts of ways, but is able to rise back up again and continue his evil pursuit.