“Eragon” is a thoroughly delightful, highly entertaining movie that is chock-full of spiritual allegories.  It’s all about promised deliverers, evil kings trying to kill boys, a sorcerer “possessed by demonic spirits,” etc.  And how about these quotes:  “Know the word, and you control the thing.  If you use it wrongly, before you’re ready, it can kill you.”  “It’s good to be brave, but sometimes it’s better to be wise.”  “Our power is greatest when we’re together.”  “Without fear, there can be no courage.”  “When we are together, it is our enemies who should be afraid.”

Though in other movies dragons are evil, in this one they’re good; they are ancient companions, called alongside to help.  Sound familiar? 

On other levels, the movie also measures up beautifully.  It’s always delightful to see John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons, who pull off their roles superbly.  The filming is beautiful, with creepy surroundings and scary bad guys, and the dragon scenes and ending battle sequences are amazing.  Very high dollar with great special effects. 

The only caution is that some of the fighting is intense and scary, and the king, his sorcerer, his army, and his dragon could be very frightening to young children under about ten or eleven.  Otherwise, “Eragon” should be the perfect escape this month for the family all fed up with Christmas stress and ready to fly and conquer with the dragons.

AUDIENCE:  Older children and adults


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None
  • Language:  None
  • Sex & Nudity: None
  • Violence:  Evil king kills some of his henchmen by stabbing, melting; girl gets tortured, though nothing overtly shown; intense battles with dragons and men, etc.