The crudeness level is way high, too, with gay bars shown, discussions of who “the woman” is in the gay relationship, men running and jumping onto other men, a man fondling a woman’s breasts, men playing with a blow-up sex doll, and an allusion to Larry’s artsy son being gay.

Christians are portrayed as angry, hateful, small-minded bigots.  There’s a pastor who protests outside a gay bar, holding rude signs and using foul language. The filmmakers even make fun of the scripture which calls homosexuality an abomination.

As my husband said as we left the theater, “people won’t accept this.  Firefighters will hate it, and it won’t last three weeks at the box office.”  We’ll see what kind of prophet he turns out to be.  Hopefully, because of the content, worldview, nudity, and language, families will exercise the utmost caution in their decision to support I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, and won’t kowtow to heavy-handed gay propaganda in the name of a few laughs.

AUDIENCE:  Adults only


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Bar scenes with depictions of alcohol.
  • Language:  A couple dozen obscenities with several profanities.
  • Sex:  Main characters in bed together, with a woman in between at one point; a character has orgy with multiple scantily-clad women, feels woman’s breasts.  An “artsy” son is portrayed as possibly gay.
  • Nudity:  Rear male nudity shown in shower scenes and other scenes. Several scenes of women in scanty underwear.
  • Violence:  Rough firefighting scenes, with man falling through floor, protestors, man punching another man out, etc.
  • Worldview:  Pro-homosexual.