As for Howard, we know that he won't be accepting any Oscars next year for this film. The good news is that he's readying the long-planned film version of Arrested Development, now scheduled for release in 2012. Perhaps his comedic instincts will be better served by that project than they were by this one.


  • Language/Profanity:  Ronny recounts a story that features a man who is completely naked; other verbal stories of deception; kissing; Ronny asks Nick to hug a company executive, and when Nick resists, says he's not asking him to "perform a trick on a Japanese businessman"; a joke about homosexuality; a comment that electric cars are "totally gay"; an early-model car is said to have "taken more virginities" than Frank Sinatra; Susan refers to her "ladywood"; a plea to "have sex with your words" and "bang your brain"; "Jesus"; "oh God"; "b-tch"; "d-mn"; "go-d-mmit"; "s-it"; "banging"; "screw you"; "swear to God"; "Jesus Christ"; Ronny tells a woman, "I'm not a pervert," and she replies, "Too bad"; the "f" word; Susan says it's "too bad" a character has never seen "Deep Throat"; "p-ick"; verbal references to a married couple's sex life; assertion that sex with a second cousin would produce "normal" kids; "a-shole"; a man in a photo extends his middle finger; Ronny is punched and kneed in the midsection.

  • Alcohol/Drugs:  Bar scenes; drinking after toasts at a party; a character says, "I'd like to party and get high with you"; remembrance of a "booze night, a big bar night"

  • Sex/Nudity:  A husband asks his wife if he's "burning" her "hard drive"; Ronny and Beth appear to live together outside of marriage; a couple of pats on the rear end; Geneva kisses a man who's not her husband; image of a man making a thrusting motion; Geneva says Nick hasn't slept with her for six months, and that he goes to erotic-massage parlors; an employee plays a virtual reality game where he grabs a woman and kisses her; remembrance of a one-night fling that "didn't mean anything"; Ronny photographs Geneva and Zip undressing; a side view of Geneva in her underwear and a view of Zip's rear end; a man admits to cheating on his wife.

  • Violence/Crime/Gambling:  Ronny is a recovering gambling addict; Ronny wanders into a restricted area of an indoor garden and falls into a bed of poisonous plants; Ronny's body breaks out in several ugly rashes; a bleeding stomach; Zip and Ronny fight; Zip takes a bat to Ronny's car; a few body blows with the bat; Ronny uses a homemade blowtorch to threaten Zip.

  • Religion:  Ronny convinces Nick that a company executive recently had a near-death experience, and Nick whispers in the exec's ear, "Your soul was too important to take"; Ronny prays and says he doesn't know if God is there.


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