• Language/Profanity:  In true Kevin Smith movie fashion, the "f" word is used—and often. We're talking close to 100 times here. In addition, God's and Jesus' names are misused on multiple occasions, and sh—is also used repeatedly. In one scene, an 11-year-old car weighs in with a string of expletives that's particularly disturbing because, well, he's 11. And bodily functions aren't off limits in terms of good taste, either. There's a long-running commentary about a thief who likes to use his victim's bathrooms for rather stinky purposes.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Paul believes his gorgeous wife Debbie (Rashida Jones) is cheating on him, so he installs a nanny cam (a video camera hidden inside a teddy bear) in the bedroom. To teach Paul a lesson about jealousy, Debbie dresses up in sexy lingerie and stages a love scene with someone who turns out to be her cousin (who happens to be gay). In an earlier scene, Paul says he has "an oral fixation" which sets the stage for numerous sex jokes in the future. There's plenty of crass talk about sex, including rude slang used for genitalia, references to gay sex and discussions of what "naughty" activities Paul recently watched on Animal Planet.

  • Violence:  Several shootings including one where someone is killed with an automatic weapon (blood is sprayed on the wall). When Poh Boy hurts his victims, he does so in a particularly brutal fashion—execution-style. When he wants to simply torture people, he enlists the help of a batting cage, allowing the baseballs to bruise and bloody the body. There's also multiple groin hits, a scene where Jimmy is tasered and a scene where Paul and Jimmy chain a thief to the back of their car and drive down the road.

  • Religion:  Although his life doesn't mirror his beliefs, Poh Boy goes to mass and prays to God for forgiveness for the sins he's about to commit. He even kills someone in the church right after uttering those very words. Scripture is read at Ava's wedding, a brief respite before the characters kick back into the usual expletive-spewing gear.

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