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  • Language/Profanity:  "Dam-it."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Some drinking during a dinner scene.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Victoria removes her dress and has 19-century undergarments on; a plot to get a man into Victoria's bed; Victoria and her husband are shown in bed kissing, she in her nightgown; the next morning she caresses him and says, "Now I am quite married" and lies on topof him; Albert puts a stocking on Victoria's leg and removes it; she unbuttons Albert's shirt and kisses him; another scene of the couple in bed, clothed.
  • Violence/Crime:  Sir John grabs Victoria and throws her onto a chair; he kicks a dog; an armed man is detained near the queen, and a window is shot out; an assassination attempt wounds a man.
  • Religion:  Victoria prays for the strength to fulfill her destiny; the king prays that the Lord will keep him alive until Victoria is old enough to rule on her own; a request that God will keep Victorian safe; Lord Melbourne says he never goes to church; Victoria prays at church after an attempt is made on her life.