The typical magical, fantasy-type outlook pervades the movie’s worldview.  There are creatures and spells and potions, flying and time travel, but there are also some interesting spiritual parallels for people of faith.  For instance, humans are able to see into the spiritual dimension by using a special eyeglass.  When they look through this, they are horrified to see hundreds of goblins encroaching upon their safe haven, but they are delighted to see that there are swarms of fairy helpers as well.  In the same way, wouldn’t it be terrifying if we, as Christians, could pull back the veil of this dimension and peek into the next?  We might, as the daughter in the movie did, begin honing our “sword skills” with a little more vigilance.

Overall, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a well-made, high-dollar, star-studded fantasy/adventure that should do well at the box office.  Despite its dark tone and startling CG images, the movie makes for a good conversation tool with children:  There’s more to life than what we see with our human eyes.  So, beware the unseen forces and battle around us and take heed!


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language:  A few mild obscenities and some name-calling (“twit,” “twerp,” etc.)
  • Sex:  None.
  • Violence:  Fantasy violence with creatures and humans in constant battle.  There are kids trapped in cages, sword play, etc.  And there are many realistic, startling images such as the goblins, the ogre (who can take on any frightening or deceptive shape he wants).
  • Worldview:  Magic-oriented fantasy with spells, time travel, humans locked in time, etc.  One theme shows that marriages might not be fixable, and kids need to just deal with the pain.  There are some interesting spiritual parallels regarding seeing the battle in the spirit dimension and learning to fight wisely in that realm.