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  • Language/Profanity:  "go--amn" and other misuses of God's name; "s-it"; the "f" word, including "motherfu--er"; "b-tch"; "s-it."
  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Pervasive smoking.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Nude humans are shown hooked to extraction devices, with nether regions obscured but chests exposed; a crude comparison to inexpensive prostitutes.
  • Violence/Crime:  The police use a shock device to subdue unruly vampires; naked humans are hooked to devices that extract their blood; humans blood is shown several times; a man vomits green fluid and the skin on his face bubbles; a man explodes, spraying blood and innards everywhere; a car accident; bow hunting and shooting of humans; vampires attack, bite necks and drink blood, as well as lick blood off surfaces; a man slices a vampire open and decapitates him; lots of guns and shooting; a vampire is impaled; explosions; a vampire is ejected from a car, body aflame; a woman cuts her wrist and bleeds into a cup; needles and syringes shown; a person is struck with the butt of a gun; Edward catches fire several times; armed troops attack; a female vampire drinks blood from her own wrist; dead bodies in a cabin are shown; vampires pulled by a vehicle in the light, which causes them to burst into flame; a man's head is yanked off his body, which is ripped apart.
  • Religion:  Immortality is said to have solved the problem of fatal illnesses; immortality on earth is a relief for those who fear facing death.
  • Suicide:  A young girl greets the dawn, realizing that the sun's rays will kill her.