• Drugs/Alcohol:  A bottom labeled "Valium" isn't really Valium at all, it's a hallucinogenic drug that makes Oscar act very crazily—and inappropriately—at the funeral. Later, that "Valium" is also taken by a couple of key characters.

  • Language/Profanity:  A steady stream of expletives used throughout including a few uses of the "f" word and misuses of the Lord's name.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Aaron and Ryan learn that their deceased father was having an affair with another man, so there are several crude jokes about what went on sexually. Incriminating photos (nothing but cross-dressing is flashed for the audience to see) are shown to other family members. After getting high on what was supposed to be Valium, Oscar strips down and threatens to jump off the roof while naked (his bare backside is shown in several scenes).

  • Violence:  Frank is tied up and gagged in one scene, and later, put into a coffin with the deceased father (SPOILER ALERT: the real kicker is that he's still alive).

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