While parents of small children should be aware of the more colorful jokes (see Cautions below), they should not be too concerned about them. Despicable Me 2 manages to repeat its first act with a good deal of animated charm, and it fully embraces the silliness of its own performance. Whether you’re a family searching for your next movie night or just looking for a little humor, Despicable Me 2 is one summer movie that should not go overlooked.

CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers):

  • Language/Profanity: The AVL's director is named Silas Ramsbottom, which is played for a laugh, and which Gru misremembers as "SheepsButt."
  • Drugs/Alcohol: A man takes a shot of Mexican alcohol; Lucy implies that a woman is drunk; a purple serum turns rabbits, minions, and humans into hairy, purple mutants.
  • Violence: The majority of the film's humor is slapstick, mostly at the expense of Gru and his minions. The violence is cartoonish, and no one is ever seriously hurt. Some of the antics include but are not limited to: being hit by a car, attacked by a chicken, tasered, burned, bludgeoned, falling down stairs, zapped with a variety of machines, and riding a shark into a volcano while on top of a rocket carrying dynamite (I am not joking).         
  • Sex/Romance: The film contains a surprising amount of bawdy humor but like the violence it is cartoonish and never goes too far. Gru dresses up as a fairy princess when an actress cancels; Agnes says she knows what makes Gru a boy…his bald head! (not a euphemism); Gru is shown in swim trunks; Gru wears a device that makes it look as though he's having sex with objects; a man and woman perform a Cha Cha, a man shows off a tattoo on his chest, Margo dances with a boy, a woman is shot in the backside with a moose tranquilizer; minions are seen dressed as a French maid, hula dancer, and impersonating various women; one of the minions' bare backsides is briefly shown; a minion pole dances while clothed; a group of minions perform a rendition of The YMCA while dressed as The Village People; Gru and Lucy get married
  • Morals: Dr. Nefario says he misses being "evil"; Gru has given up a life of super villainy; the AVL is not interested in people who simply "rob or kill"

Ryan Duncan is Entertainment Editor for Crosswalk.com.

Publication date: July 3, 2013