Babylon A.D. probably won’t do much for Vin Diesel’s action-movie career, but its failure may be for the best if it pushes the actor into roles that require him to do more than mumble one-liners and shoot bad guys. Watching Babylon A.D., it’s hard to see why anyone ever thought he was a convincing action hero to begin with.

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  • Drugs/Alcohol:  A glass of wine with dinner; smoking; characters share a flask.
  • Violence:  An empty gun is aimed at a man, and the trigger is pulled; animals are prepared for sale, then cut up and cooked; massacre footage on a TV news channel; an animal hangs from a rope; a bombing kills many people; dead polar bears are shown; missiles fired from airplanes; several killings during a scene of mayhem; a man is shot at point-blank range; grenades destroy cars.
  • Language/Profanity:  Lord’s name taken in vain; some foul language; cage fighting to the death; people attempting to board a boat are shot and/or fall into cold water.
  • Sex/Nudity:  A man showers and his upper back, with a wound, is shown; Aurora approaches a towel-clad Toorop and touches him, but they are interrupted before going much further.
  • Religion:  A man prays before eating; allusions to a miracle in the making; nativity-scene imagery; a “new religion” is said to have potential to become the dominant religion on earth; one character has the ability to foresee the future; among many commercial signs and projected messages is one that reads “Repent. Be Forgiven”; Aurora’s secret has parallels to the story of Jesus.