If the foregoing isn't enough to keep you from seeing Drive Angry 3D, and you still need further reasons—whether three, 10, or even more—not to see the film, take a gander at the "CAUTIONS" section below. And drive on.


  • Language/Profanity: Extreme foul language, including several "f" words; Lord's name taken in vain multiple times; and obscenities galore; middle fingers extended; a breakfast entrée is called "She's a Brickhouse Breakfast"; a bar is called Bull by the Balls; crude references to sex.

  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Milton smokes and drinks frequently, including during sex; more drinking during satanic ritual.

  • Sex/Nudity: A woman and man have sex, and we see the woman's breasts; a woman threatens to expose her boyfriend's private activities with her sex toys; forced oral sex implied; explicit, extended scenes of sex, mixed with hyperstylized violence.

  • Violence/Crime: A waitress is groped by her boss; she retaliates by grabbing his crotch and quitting; a man punches his girlfriend, and she hits him back; Milton punches a man, and an air-conditioner unit falls on the man; a woman bites a man during sex, and the man slashes her throat and sucks blood from his fingers; lots of shooting and killing, stabbing, head wounds; a man impaled against a wall; murder and kidnapping; people are run over by a car; a threat to defile a corpse; a stabbing; people on fire.

  • Religion/Morals: Milton is chased by a man who calls himself the Accountant, and who makes dire comments to individuals about how soon he'll be seeing them again; an occult cult, its leader, and a sacrifice of a child are all part of the storyline; references to literal elements of hell on earth; a character states her fear of devil worship and those involved with it; hell is said to be a place where images of those you love, but can't help, are played endlessly; a man has a pentagram engraved on his chest; those shot with a certain weapon are said to cease existing; the idea that the meek will inherit the earth is called a lie.

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