To that end the film is a success, albeit a minor one. Laughs are frequent, if not of the “belly” variety, early on in the film, and then again after Alex starts listening to the advice of Chris Rock as the leader of the “dude’s group” of dads.

One’s enjoyment of the film may very well be based on what one expects going into it. What to Expect When You’re Expecting might leave you merely comforted rather than transformed, but it conveys a message that, while far from profound, bears repeating: The desire for children is a good thing, and childbearing is a wonder despite the trials that might arise during pregnancy, birth or upbringing. That’s a truth worth upholding.


  • Language/Profanity: “Oh my God”; “godd-mmit”; the f-word; “the effing car”; crude anatomical references; “what the hell”; “boobs”; “horny”; “bi-ch”; “holy s-it”; reference to getting “knocked up”; “bull-hit”; a middle finger extended; a song played at a party includes the lyric, “why don’t we get drunk and screw?”
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Scenes of beer, wine and liquor consumption; a character says, “I’m wasted”; a character says his child “ate a cigarette.”
  • Sex/Nudity: Kissing; cleavage; girls watching dance program make comments like, “”She’s totally doing him” and “I’d totally let that one do me”; sensual dance scenes, including a woman tearing a man’s shirt off; a woman run’s a store called The Breast Choice; a 2 Live Crew album cover shows woman’s bare backside; lots of talk about conception; an offer of oral sex; bare-chested man; a woman said she once slept her way across Europe.
  • Violence/Crime: Vomiting; abortion briefly contemplated; a miscarriage; reckless driving; a bribe; a boy is struck in the head with a beer can.
  • Marriage/Religion: Some of the couples expecting children are married, some aren’t; a couple expecting a child wonders, “Should we get married?”; a character is said to be “half Jewish – Christmas-tree Jewish”; circumcision jokes; a proposal.

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