Realizing he has brought catastrophe upon Springfield, Homer returns to save the town, now targeted by Cargill for destruction. The finale recaptures some of the earlier hilarity while delivering a nice moral about Homer’s realization that he must put others before himself (which he does, in his own inimitable way). The conclusion should put a smile on the faces of viewers as they exit the theater. (Those who choose to sit through the credits will be treated to a few funny moments.)

Like the program on which it’s based, The Simpsons Movie includes some over-the-line language and bad behavior, and it pokes fun at religious and political sanctimony. But it also includes a family that fractures and reunites, a young girl filled with idealism, and a boy who finds comfort from the religious neighbor he’s previously mocked.

The Simpsons Movie continues, and even reinvigorates, the long-running franchise. Is it something you’ll want to watch or take your kids to see? You probably knew the answer to that question before you even read this review.
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AUDIENCE: Teens and up


  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; Marge says “godd--n”; a silo is labeled “pig crap”; Homer extends both middle fingers; a few other profanities; a quip that “more than two shakes is just playing around.”
  • Drugs/Alcohol: A bus driver smokes a bowl; patrons drink at Moe’s Tavern; in a moment of imminent doom, the patrons run into a church and the church members run into the tavern; Bart drinks and passes out.
  • Sex/Nudity: Milhouse tells Lisa she can “canvass” him; Bart skateboards naked, and his penis is shown; Homer contemplates kissing a pig; two male police officers kiss; animals watch Homer and Marge in bed; Homer and Marge kiss.
  • Violence: Cartoonish antics include a hyper-violent “Itchy and Scratchy” cartoon; violent video games; Homer putting a bee’s nest in Flanders’ mailbox; a hammer piercing Homer’s eye; Homer trying to make Bart fall off of a roof; Nelson punching Milhouse; Bart shooting a pellet gun at Homer; mobsters dragging a body to a lake; Homer electrocuting fish and shocking himself; a giant dome crushing a man; birds flying into the dome; a mob crying out for vigilante justice; Lisa punching Bart; a boy retaliating against a group of bullies; a man aiming a gun at Homer.
  • Religion: Homer makes begrudging, irreverent remarks about a “phony God” as the family enters a church service; Grandpa Simpson rolls on the floor and utters a prophecy; Homer looks through a Bible but says, “This book doesn’t have any answers”; Flanders inadvertently utters the word “penis” while saying grace; Flanders says his boys “pray through the knees” of their jeans; Flanders tells his boys, “When you meet Jesus, be sure to call him Mr. Christ.”