Lin should be credited for, if nothing else, an opening chase involving Dom's friends and a gas tanker that produces the film's only spectacular moment: flaming wreckage and a perfectly timed maneuver by Dom to avoid it. It's reminiscent of the "Donkey Kong" video game, in which players must time the ascent of Mario, the game's main character, to scamper beneath bouncing objects that threaten to doom him.

Yes, the film's best moment is akin to a videogame. That's not saying much. But one memorable scene is better than no memorable scenes, and as of today, Lin has been crowned as the director of the highest-grossing April opener in movie history. Clearly he knows how to tap into the current tastes of American moviegoers. If only the rest of the movie had provided the thrills of that opening sequence.

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  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Smoking.  Drinking at parties and in bars/clubs.
  • Language/Profanity:  One f-word.  Numerous uses of the s-word.  God's name taken in vain multiple times (also "God-d-n").  Other crude references to anatomy or sexual terms.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Passionate kissing; sensual dancing; a man watches a woman as she sleeps; women kiss each other; a man draws a parallel between the "fine body" of a car and a woman.
  • Violence:  Gunfire; a man leaps through a glass window and is chased across rooftops; two men fall onto the roof of a car; reckless driving (of course); a female car crash victim watches the approach of a man who shoots her; fisticuffs and threats of violence; a man is dangled out a window as a way to extract information from him; a man slams another man's head against a wall; multiple explosions and car crashes; a man cocks a gun and points it at another man's head.
  • Religion:  A character holds a cross; a showdown is set in a Catholic church; characters say an uncomfortable grace before a meal.