The Bad: My only complaint about this excellent movie is an age-old argument that for some reason Hollywood feels they need to throw unnecessary profanity (especially religious profanity) into scenes that really don’t need it. Likewise there are a couple of sexually suggestive scenes of Jack and his girlfriend of only a few dates, in bed together (no nudity or sex is shown). Those scenes play off the old fear-of-commitment angle and are used as sort of a humorous plot point and while I don’t condone the morality of it, I’m glad there were no explicit scenes to detract from an otherwise brilliant movie.

Offensive language and behavior: Lots of it. Hearing the President of the United States cursing God’s name at an intense moment of crisis isn’t exactly comforting.

Sexual situations: There are a couple of scenes that show Jack and his girlfriend in bed but no sexual situations take place and the two are in their underwear (no nudity).

Violence: Several people are shown shot in head, a man’s throat is cut, blown up, or injured with burns and torn flesh shown.

Parental advisory: This is clearly a movie made for the adult audience but your mature teenagers who enjoy political thrillers will enjoy it as well.

Final take: I enjoyed every minute of this exciting story and applaud the approach Director Phil Alden Robinson took with Clancy’s thriller. Aside from the excellent entertainment value I equally believe that this kind of movie serves a social purpose in reminding us all of how precarious the global climate is at the moment and how precious the gift of freedom and peace on truly is.