The characters spend the movie feebly attempting to outwit death, when their time, as Scripture shows, would have been better spent making sure their souls were ready to meet death, whenever it may come (Hebrews 9:27).

Christian readers of this review might conclude that a better way to spend their time on Earth is to avoid movies like The Final Destination.

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  • Language/Profanity:  Lord's name taken in vain, including "go--damn"; several uses of various cuss words, including the "f" word; racial epithets; a veteran speaks to an Asian man about killing "your kind" back in the war.
  • Smoking/Drinking:  Characters drink in the very first scenes, and a few times throughout the film; some characters are shown smoking, and the burning tip of a cigarette appears in a premonition; a character drinks and drives; another recounts his own drinking and driving, which led to the death of his wife and child.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Tampons are used as earplugs for children; kissing; verbal reference to oral sex; a boyfriend and girlfriend wake up next to each other in bed, and the woman rubs the man's chest; an explicit sex scene features a shot of a bare-breasted woman and discussion of who has, and hasn't, achieved orgasm; a woman is shown in her underwear; crude reference about an attractive woman who's a mother; a man told he might die says, "I'm going to do what I do best. I'm going to get laid. If I'm dyin', I'm tryin.'"
  • Violence/Crime:  Hideous scenes of characters suffering grisly death; at a racetrack, cars crash and catch fire, and tires and other auto parts fly into the audience, killing spectators; a tire hits a woman's head, which disintegrates on impact; people are sliced in half; man impaled; falling concrete crushes people; opening-credits sequence shows X-ray images of human bodies suffering grisly wounds; drinking and driving; a white man starts to put a cross in a black man's front yard, but ends up burning to death while being dragged behind a truck; a riding mower ejects a rock, which becomes an instrument of death; another man is impaled; a man pushes a boy off a raft in a pool; man disemboweled by powerful pool drain; a woman nearly drowns in a car wash; an explosion at a movie theater kills many audience members; a woman is impaled; people fall off an escalator; a nail gun pins a man's arm to a wall; more X-ray images of gruesome death.
  • Religion:  A man expecting to die says he's at peace with death, and that his family is waiting for him on the other side; he attempts suicide, saying he was "just trying to give God what He wanted"; discussion of second chances, and of making the most of every moment and not wasting a single day; a character comments on déjà vu being something that's God-given; discussion of premonition and signs.