Finding Nemo 3D is paired with a 3D short called Partysaurus Rex featuring Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story making a splash with bath toys. Any viewer who's ever been called a party-pooper will appreciate Rex’s dilemma and his desire to be the life of the party instead. It’s great to see Rex get a little respect for a change, and the short film introduces some fun new characters to the Toy Story pantheon. After all, we were all secretly wondering how the toys were doing in their new home after Toy Story 3, right? It’s all good, clean fun in the tub.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: One shark gets a bit of a rush from “smelling” blood in the water.
  • Language/Profanity: Fish don’t swear but there is a little name-calling.
  • Sex/Nudity: A little flirtatious swimming by Nemo’s parents.
  • Violence: Barracuda knocks Marlin unconscious and apparently eats his wife and all the children (eggs) except Nemo (offscreen); several close calls with sharks, seagulls, and others who want to eat Marlin and Dory; Dory gets hit in the face and suffers a nosebleed (setting off a shark); emotionally intense when Nemo is scooped up in a net; the dentist’s office could be scary to some children; photo shown of dead fish, we’re told he was shaken to death; quite a wild scene in dentist’s office with seagull; fish are almost caught by fishing boat but break the net. Mildly intense at times but shouldn’t be frightening for most children.
  • Spiritual Themes: The love of a father for his child overcomes the father’s timid nature and turns him into a hero. Some teachable moments for kids on the importance of following rules and the consequences of disobedience. Some teachable moments for parents on knowing when to give kids a little independence.

Publication date: September 17, 2012