• Language/Profanity: Lord's name taken in vain; constant stream of expletives, including several uses of the "f" word; crude song lyrics.

  • Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:  Drug deals; multiple scenes of drinking include a man who wakes up and takes a drink before getting out of bed.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Explicit sex scenes between police officers and a prostitute include female nudity, caressing and kissing of breasts, and oral sex; a woman irons in her underwear; a topless woman at a nightclub has her breasts caressed by a man; sex slaves are tied to a radiator and the breast of one of them is exposed.

  • Violence/Crime:  A cop puts his gun in his mouth and pulls the trigger, but the gun isn't loaded; a cop shoots several people; a woman vomits; police brutality during raids; a cop steals money; a threat to burn a man's eye with the lit end of a cigarette; a young man's head is thrown against a hard surface, and the man is dangled over a ledge; a man is stabbed in the neck; choking.

  • Gambling:  A group of police officers plays poker.

  • Religion:  During confession, a cop questions why God has to get all the glory, and whether God is "carrying his end of the weight"; a cop has a wooden cross in his basement and wears a cross around his neck; he has a religious tattoo; Muslim men are shown praying; an officer tells another officer to thank God for all he has; prayers to St. Michael.