Fun Size is rated PG-13 and is not appropriate for younger children, despite being produced by kid-friendly Nickelodeon. Its humor is best appreciated by adults—indeed, the storyline about Wren’s mom discovering that she has more in common with her young boyfriend’s parents than she does with the boyfriend provides the film with its most humorous moments. Too bad, then, that the film is clearly aimed at younger kids who won’t be able to fully appreciate the more adult-skewing humor, while adults will be mortified by the attempt to appeal to young audiences with such off-the-wall behavior and ribald humor. If you take your kids to see Fun Size, prepare to leave the theater shell-shocked rather than satisfied.


  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain multiple times; a character referred to as a “god” because of his looks; “sucks”; ”b-tch”; “hell”; “butt”; “as-”; an accusation about prostitution; racial epithet; “boobs”
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Wine brought as a party gift; a store clerk suggests chewing tobacco and other behind-the-counter items to Albert; discussion of a dragon that smokes cigarettes; underage girls at party do shots; drinking and driving
  • Sex/Nudity: Wren is seen washing her hair in the shower, but no nudity is shown; Albert is shown sitting on the toilet; Keevin shown bare-chested; April tells Wren that “being sexy” will get them into a party; picture of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a sexy outfit; Roosevelt has two moms; one of them says they should have breast-fed him longer when he was young; a large man wrapped in a towel attacks Fuzzy; kissing at the adult party and at the kids’ party; a husband is shown reading Fifty Shades of Grey next to his wife in bed; a restaurant-mascot chicken makes repeated thrusting motions, causing a character to say her friends are "being violated." a boy bargains for the opportunity to feel a girl’s breast; later, the camera shows her covered chest as he touches her breast, and she appears aroused; the couple is shown waking up on a couch later, and the girl kisses the boy passionately; a discussion of mammograms; a boy asks who wants to kiss him, and several hands—including one boy’s hand—are raised
  • Violence/Crime: Halloween images early in the film; Albert runs into a telephone pole; Albert is shown grabbing excess Halloween candy at several houses; kids say they’re looking for “revenge” and “vengeance” through planned TP-ing and egging of houses; Fuzzy claims he’s not doing anything weird by asking a young boy to go for a ride with him; reckless driving; April slaps Peng; Albert is locked in a room and held for ransom; Wren’s mom puts Roosevelt in a hold, face-down on her porch; a punch to a crotch; firecracker “bombs” damage a man’s foot
  • MarriageJane says her mom has been married three times; Wren says her mom "kind of lost it" after her dad died
  • Religion: Roosevelt is forced to speak to his moms using "pre-Christian language"

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Publication date: October 26, 2012