Instead of pulling the proverbial plug prematurely, however, Jason and Cynthia really want to give their marriage one last shot by escaping to Eden, an island paradise specializing in bringing couples closer together. Of course, there's only one problem with their otherwise perfect plan, the detail that gets this seemingly funny story off the ground—they need the other couples to help split the cost by joining in for the fun.

At first, everyone is far too busy to commit, but before long, they've all agreed to check out what's billed as "Disneyland for Adults." After all, how bad could a few days in paradise be?

Turns out, really, really bad. 

Once this motley crew discovers that the couples-building activities at the crack of dawn aren't optional, the trip that was supposed to bring everyone closer is actually tearing everyone further apart. So will these marriages survive the risqué yoga sessions, rounds and rounds of dishing about feelings and a trip over to East Eden, the ongoing singles soiree on the other side of the island? Chances are, you probably won't even care because even a happy ending in Bora Bora can't save this unfortunate excuse for a comedy.

  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Social drinking pictured throughout.
  • Language/Profanity:  A handful of bad words and repeated rude dialogue, especially in reference to testicular cancer.
  • Sex/Nudity:  Trimmed down from an "R" rating to a PG-13, there's still plenty of boundary-pushing sexual content. In one scene, everyone must strip down to his/her skivvies for a "confidence-building" exercise, and Shane (Faizon Love) didn't happen to wear underwear that day. His bare bottom is shown in the next scene. During the yoga exercises, the instructor demonstrates various awkward positions on both the male and female characters, which look like various sex acts. In another scene, Joey is almost caught masturbating. The sex lives of married people and procreation are discussed candidly in a few scenes. Women at "Eden East" are scantily clad and apparently are only there for indulging in copious amounts of casual sex and alcohol.
  • Violence:  Only of a comedic nature.

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