• Drugs/Alcohol:  Cigar smoking (and it actually gets that character in pretty big trouble when he decides to throw it in the forest before he's finished with it).

  • Language/Profanity:  Several instances where God's name is exclaimed, plus one use of he-- and da--. Miley Cyrus' name is also used in place of an expletive.

  • Rude Humor:  There's quite a bit of lowbrow scatological humor, including a scene where Dan is drenched with the contents of a port-o-potty. A leech threatens to run rampant in Dan's groin area. Dan is called "Mr. Pee-Pee Pants" after getting sprayed by a sprinkler. There are several inappropriate ethnic jokes as well and a whole lotta poo scattered throughout the movie "for laughs."

  • Sex/Nudity:  There's a scene where Dan is naked in a tub (water covers anything that shouldn't be shown). Another scene features Dan in his wife's bra, and yeah, everyone sees him in it and automatically assumes he's a cross-dresser.

  • Violence:  All matters of torment are used for "comedic" purposes including Dan getting stuck in the window of his truck before it accelerates into the lake. Dan is also chased by a particularly evil vulture. He's also bitten and assaulted by a raccoon and launched into foliage that's full of bees (of course, his face is disfigured and horribly swollen afterwards). When falling off a roof, Dan predictably gets hit in the crotch.

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