What does Brent’s tormenter demand? That he steal a car that’s been outfitted with video monitors—Brent’s every move will be monitored—and do everything he’s told, all at very high speeds. "Turn left" (onto a street crowded with people!). "Smash into everything you can." "Now go down the stairs."

A bewildered Brent performs all these maneuvers without killing anyone, then waits for further orders. While parked, a hooded, gun-toting girl (Gomez, billed here as "the kid") carjacks him and ends up going along for a very unanticipated ride with Brent at the wheel. Brent's interaction with the kid gives the film a bit of life. He explains his checkered past to her, and she briefly prays aloud, promising to be good if God lets her survive. But the kid mostly makes sarcastic remarks and tries to act tough. Good thing she likes "boy things" and can stay a step ahead of Brent and the story's villain.

Getaway is filled with constant action and car chases, but it's never engaging. Gomez’s baby face works against her bid to play a more mature role at this stage of her career, and Hawke has so little dialogue that his presence hardly qualifies as a performance.

It's is a thriller without thrills, a story without a point and a waste of 90 minutes. It’s not the electrifying action film it wants to be. Getaway may not be completely worthless, but at today’s admission prices, it’s highway robbery.


  • Language/Profanity: Lord’s name taken in vain; “dam-it”; “s-it”; “a-sh-le”; “hell”; a middle finger extended
  • Drinking/Smoking: None
  • Sex/Nudity: Husband and wife kiss
  • Violence/Crime: Quick images of a break-in and kidnapping; Brent is forced to steal a car, drive into crowds of people and avoid the police; his wife is held in a shabby cell, sometimes with a gun to her head; high-speed car chases, with several crashes and mass destruction; guns are pointed and fired; a carjacking at gunpoint; orders to kill a young girl; Brent tells the kid he lived a life of crime, but got out; a bank robbery
  • Religion/Morals/Marriage: The kid prays, promising to be good if God lets her live; a woman says, "Thank God you're here"

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Publication date: August 30, 2013