Now forced to head back to her native New Jersey with her tacky, gambling-addicted matriarch, this is when both Imogene and the film really find their footing. Like Elizabethtown and Garden State before it, Girl Most Likely is a compelling coming-of-age tale where an unexpected reconnection with family helps shape the protagonist's future journey. Even the way the script deals with Imogene's daddy issues, familiar territory in these sorts of films, is surprisingly moving.

Still, for all that's praise-worthy about Girl Most Likely, it's not without its weaknesses. As many critics have noted in what have been surprisingly negative reviews overall, there are a few too many oddballs in Girl Most Likely to be totally believable. But if one can overlook some of the Indie movie conventions, there's plenty of meaningful takeaway. Girl Most Likely proves that Wiig is no one-trick pony.

If anything, Wiig proves that humor doesn't always have to be outrageous to be effective. And because she shares the low-key laughs with a slew of talented co-stars (Bening and Matt Dillon are especially good here), Girl Most Likely is engaging and entertaining on a variety of levels.

CAUTIONS (may contain spoilers):

  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking and partying depicted, sometimes to excess. Imogene fakes her own suicide by scattering a bunch of pills on her bed (she actually only swallows one). A doctor administers a shot to help calm Imogene down.
  • Language/Profanity: God’s name is exclaimed on a couple of occasions, plus a handful of uses of sh--, as- and an f-bomb that’s said in another language and translated in subtitles onscreen.
  • Sex/Nudity: Discussion of Zelda’s enjoyment of getting spanked during sex. Imogene and Lee hook up (Imogene is shown in her bra, and the camera shows them kissing and the beginning of foreplay before panning away). A reference to masturbation. A couple of shots of a man in tight underwear. Allyson (Natasha Lyonne, TV’s “Orange is the New Black”) sports some significant cleavage. Imogene walks in as a couple is having sex (no nudity or anything overly explicit). A man walks in on a woman going to the bathroom.
  • Violence: In a situation that’s more comedic than scary, an assassin briefly takes Imogene’s family hostage until The Bousche hands over a briefcase.

Publication date: July 22, 2013