While certainly not the cheery escape that most people seek during the Christmas season, Rabbit Hole reflects the underlying sorrow that so many people face holiday after holiday. Sometimes "the most wonderful time of the year" isn't quite so wonderful at all, and thanks to winning performances from the leads, not to mention an engaging storyline that gets to the heart of the matter, Rabbit Hole displays those conflicted feelings, warts and all, in a winning way.


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  Social drinking, plus two of the film's characters turn to marijuana (they're showed smoking a bong) for a brief respite from grieving.

  • Language/Profanity:  A few instances where the Lord's name is taken in vain, one use of the "f" word and a couple of other crass word are used.

  • Sex/Nudity:  Becca and Howie's sex life (or lack thereof since the loss of their son) is discussed but never shown on-screen. At one point, adultery is briefly considered, but the character ultimately remains committed to his marriage.

  • Violence:  How Howie and Becca's son dies is described in a couple of scenes but is never shown in a graphic manner. Aside from some blurry imagery depicting what led to him being struck by a moving vehicle, the rest is pretty much left up to the viewer's imagination.


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