Bad:  Parents, I’m calling this a "family thriller," but it's not kiddie-friendly. I don’t think this is a movie you’ll want to take your little ones (age 8 and under) to; it's too intense and too much plot for them to follow. This isn’t a big budgeted, Hollywood horror film with all of the bells and whistles, so don’t try to judge or compare it on that basis. But it's also not a small budgeted “Christian” film with an overt Christian message (in fact the few “Christian” parts are mainly at the end). So don’t discount it as that either. This is the first of Frank Peretti’s books to be made into a movie, so the look and feel of it plays like a teenage mystery novel with interesting plot twists, exciting “spy” action, a wonderful cast of characters and a valuable lesson that will hopefully change a few hearts and minds in the end. For those who are curious about the “ghost” factor, Abel Frye did not kill a girl as rumored; he hung himself at the school because he had been tormented by his classmates. The opening scene shows Abel climbing the stairs to hang himself. We see his swinging shadow against the wall, and there are a few scenes of Abel’s ghostly face appearing to several students who are hallucinating.

Bottom Line:  Parents, please get your adolescent age kids and teens to see this movie. I think they’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it relates to their world and will speak to their hearts and minds. I applaud the people behind this film: Ralph Winter, Jerry Rose with TLN Network, Joe Goodman, Bobby Neutz and Rich Cowan who fought to get this movie made because they believe it can be life-changing for our younger generation. They took a chance on daring to be different by using Peretti’s story, filled with subtle biblical themes, and packaging it in an unusual and unconventional movie aimed at reaching kids and teens. And that’s another great example of how God is using Christians to make a difference in Hollywood!