“Adapt or die” Hanna’s father tells her. Apparently that’s the code those who have no concept of right and wrong must live by. Even the “normal” characters in the film wouldn’t know a moral standard if they tripped over one on their way to the bar.

Sensitive viewers beware: Hanna manages to offend (in a relatively mild way) on an equal opportunity basis. Promiscuity, homosexuality, negative references to religion, sadism, genetic engineering ... all there, but not presented in an “in your face” way. Director Joe Wright (The Soloist, Atonement) calls Hanna “pure entertainment” but he also says of viewers, “I hope it freaks ‘em out just a little bit, too.”


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Characters meet in a bar, alcohol used in social situations.
  • Language/Profanity: The d-word, “ho” (playfully).
  • Sex/Nudity: Sex implied and discussed but not shown: moaning from inside rocking van, suggested teen sex, kissing between male/female couples and two teen girls (the latter more friendly than sensual); one character described as promiscuous; married couple described as “at it like rabbits"; stripper said to have “both male and female genitalia” shown not quite baring breasts.
  • Violence: A reindeer is killed and disemboweled in the opening; threatening situations, intense fighting, and violent death are ever present throughout the film.