An Academy Award nomination.  A Sundance Film Festival award.  Both are testaments to the outstanding direction, cinematography, editing and composition of War Dance.  Yet even they fail to convey its power. 

Be prepared to weep.  As Nancy goes with her mother to her father’s grave for the first time, four years after his death.  As she collapses in grief and begs God to take life.  And as she finally reaches out to her savior for comfort.  Be prepared to weep.  As little Dominic works up the courage to visit a nearby prison.  As he trembles before a captive warlord and asks about his brother’s fate.  And as he hears the answer to his question.  Be prepared to weep.  As these precious little children find something to believe in, something to nurture them, and something they can finally call their own.

“It is difficult for people to believe our story,” one says, “but if we don’t tell you, you won’t know.”  Because of their courage—and the work of these dedicated, talented filmmakers—we can know.  And what a privilege it is.

For more information about the children of Patongo and other children of northern Uganda, visit


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  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language/Profanity:  None.
  • Sexual Content/Nudity:  None.
  • Violence:  Children recount horrific tales of wartime violence to family members and neighbors; one brief shot of a skull.