One of the best elements of the “Hoot” screening was a post-movie satellite uplink to Hollywood, where one of the movie’s producers (Frank Marshall), the writer (Carl Hiaasen), director (Wil Shriner), and three actors (Linley, Larson, and Buffet) answered live questions from audiences in theaters throughout the nation.  It was fascinating to hear Jimmy Buffett, (“Mr. Margaritaville”) talk about how important it was – now that he is a father – for his own children to be shielded from the base influences of the world and introduced to uplifting, educational films such as “Hoot.”

While it was fun to see that producers, directors and actors are all very real people with goofy humor and relatable, real-world struggles, it was also sobering to see all the effort and resources that go into producing a quality film such as "Hoot."  The moviemakers will likely reap box office rewards that make up for their trouble, however, as the beloved book-turned-movie will most likely be a hit.

AUDIENCE:  Children and adults


  • Drugs/Alcohol:  None.
  • Language/Profanity:  None noted, though the movie got its PG rating for “mild language.”  In one scene it appears that a “darn it” was voiced in over a possible “damn it.”
  • Sex/Nudity:  None.
  • Violence:  A bit of humorous, slapstick violence, including tying up a “suit” and gagging him.  There is also some high school bullying depicted, as well as some vandalism in the name of protecting nature. There is implied violence toward the owls, though the filmmakers assured audiences that no people or animals were harmed in the film’s production.