• Drugs/Alcohol: Alcohol flows freely throughout. Cocaine is mentioned, and some mysterious sedative is administered to Annie to “calm her down” on the plane.
  • Language/Profanity: The full range of expletives are used throughout—multiple uses of the “f” word, as-, bit-, da--, sh--, he--, as-ho--, cu--, go-da--.
  • Sex/Nudity: Judd Apatow may have only produced the movie, but the humor definitely has his sexually charged stamp. In what helps underscore how pathetic Annie’s life is and meant to set the raunchy comedic tone, we see her engage in meaningless, acrobatic sex with a selfish playboy (Jon Hamm) in the graphic opening scene. Hamm is nude and Wigg is shown in her bra, but everything below the belt is hidden from view. Annie and Lillian often talk about sex and aren’t shy about the specifics including vivid descriptions of the male anatomy. Rita (Wendi McLendon-Covey) gives newlywed Becca (Ellie Kemper) a hard time for not having any other sexual partners prior to her marriage. When they get liquored up on the way to Vegas, Rita and Becca end up kissing briefly. The rather mannish Megan (Melissa McCarthy) makes many innuendo-laden come-ons to the man she’s sitting next to on the plane. By the time credits roll, she’s eating a sandwich off his naked body (his genitals are cleverly obscured from view). Annie also hooks up with the far kinder policeman, Rhodes (Chris O’Dowd). No nudity, but the scene starts off pretty steamy. Annie flashes her boobs to get Rhodes’ attention (you can only see that she’s topless from far away, so nothing gratuitous is shown).
  • Scatological Humor:  In an extended scene that got the most laughs in our screening, the girls’ bout of food poisoning turns really ugly in an upscale bridal shop. We see projectile vomiting and a couple of the girls’ stomach issues attack from the other end.
  • Violence: Only of the comedic variety.


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