It’s refreshing to see a Christian message of hope delivered with such grace in a movie this well produced. Let’s hope Home Run commences a rally of many solid hits for Provident Films.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Cory is an alcoholic, so there’s a significant amount of drinking and drunken behavior shown, but we also see his efforts to resist the siren call of alcohol. Other characters also shown drinking and drunk; a couple of scenes in a bar.
  • Language/Profanity: Several instances of adults bullying children by calling them names (like ‘sissy’), telling them to shut up, and humiliating children in front of others. Children complain "this bites" and "we suck." Fart joke that seems to be requisite to any film involving boys.
  • Violence: Several adult temper tantrums (yelling, items thrown, etc.); child hit (accidentally) by adult; auto accident; punch (deserved) thrown; several children act out by throwing/knocking over items.
  • Sex/Nudity: Cleavage shown in low-cut dress the character apparently considered appropriate business attire; brief kissing; mention of an incident at a strip club; testimonies of overcoming porn addiction and sexual abuse; man’s bare chest briefly shown
  • Spiritual Themes: Hope and healing; freedom and redemption. The film’s tag line is "freedom is possible" but the story makes it clear that it’s not possible without Jesus.

Publication date: April 19, 2013