• Drugs/Alcohol Content: Cigarette smoking occurs throughout the film. Alcohol is consumed. Drunkenness. Drugs are taken in a club setting.
  • Language/Profanity: A reference to cunnilingus is made.F-word is used many times, as are other profanities (A-word, S-word, etc.).
  • Sexual Content/Nudity (some involving violence): Themes involving infidelity. Woman performs masturbation on a man; no nudity, but action seen. Oral sex is performed; no nudity, but action is seen. Two women kiss and fondle each other in a club. They go to an apartment, undress, and begin to have sex (some nudity involved). The bruised body of a nude woman (back, breasts). Explicit rape of woman by man depicted, involving bondage, battery, torture. Explicit rape attack of man by woman depicted, involving beating, anal violation, and torturous scarring of skin. Two different consensual sex scenes between man and woman, involving full-frontal nudity of woman. Man undresses to underwear.
  • Violence: Sexual violence (see above). Depiction of non-sexual torture. Many forensic pictures of women killed by violent means; bodies are beaten, bloodied and disfigured. A dismembered cat is found. A woman assaults a man with a golf club. Wounds as a result of gunfire.
  • Other: The opening credit sequence, while not explicitly graphic in any particular way, is on the whole very unsettling and dark. Vomiting.