Even as he struggles to choose between which master to serve—duty or having the chutzpah to forge his own path—we’re never quite sure what—or perhaps, Who—is motivating him. If Wesley has faith, it’s more of the let-my-actions-do-the-talking variety, which is ultimately a good, non-preachy way to live, but confusing for anyone hoping for a little more clarity.

That issue aside, Good Deeds is still one of Perry’s better movies. Definitely a step up from his previous efforts that have felt a little too sitcom-y, everything from the striking San Francisco backdrop to the superb acting is an upgrade. And the fact that Madea’s not anywhere in sight? Priceless.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking and public drunkenness depicted. Walter’s alcohol abuse has led to several DUIs and having his driving privileges revoked. A “mountain of cocaine” is mentioned in an argument between Walter and his mother.
  • Language/Profanity: While there are no f-bombs, a steady stream of milder profanity is used throughout including bit--, he--, as- and dam-. God’s name is also exclaimed or taken in vain on a handful of occasions.
  • Sex/Nudity: Wesley is shown in the shower on a couple of different occasions (nothing aside from his shoulders and chest are on display). Natalie is shown in her bra on a couple of occasions, and girls are sporting some rather skimpy clothing at the club Natalie hangs out at. Wesley and Natalie are engaged to be married but live together already. We see them start to have sex on the couch, but when Wesley wants to close the blinds to the outside world, Natalie chastises his lack of spontaneity. Later on, we see the couple getting busy again (no nudity, but it’s definitely a bit racy). Some discussion on whether two employees are “screwing.”
  • Violence: Wesley and Walter get in a fight, and punches are thrown. Walter’s mom slaps him across the face. Lindsey and her young daughter are assaulted at a homeless shelter and leave early.

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