If anything, the story has all the enjoyment and depth of a badly written sitcom. Not only is every single twist and turn narrated in an annoying voiceover that explains everything you’re more than capable of seeing yourself, but the seemingly endless buffet of “quirky” side characters introduced throughout (a hooker with a heart of gold, the elderly comic relief who’s exploited for cheap laughs, the older, wiser rival with a particularly mean streak) add absolutely nothing to the bottom line—a serious disservice to the audience, not to mention Evanovich’s charming novel.


  • Drugs/Alcohol: References to alcohol and marijuana abuse. The story’s bad guys are also part of a heroin ring.  
  • Language/Profanity: Rude gestures and a very steady stream of expletives throughout, including sh--, as-, bit--, da-- and bast---. God’s name is abused on numerous occasions and paired with da--.
  • Sex/Nudity: Rude references to male and female anatomy. Sexually charged innuendo and jokes (one involves a lesbian tryst, another a rapist). Joe handcuffs Stephanie to the shower rod while she takes a shower (we see her naked, but her breasts and lower half are strategically obscured). Ranger eventually helps her get free with the promise of seeing her naked (we eventually see them wrapped in the sheer shower curtain). Stephanie is also shown in her bra. A man’s naked backside is shown. Steph’s grandmother talks extensively about the joys of wearing a thong.
  • Violence: Dead bodies are shown with holes in their foreheads. Another body is found that has been decomposing for a while. Gunfire depicted throughout. Fighting and hand-to-hand combat. A prostitute is thrown out of a car after a severe beating. A man gets ran over by a car several times and has his leg broken in several places. Discussion of killing someone and where to throw the body. Cage fighting. Exploding cars. Some intense chase scenes.

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