• Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking, plus Charlie has empty beer bottles all over the floor of his trailer.
  • Language/Profanity: Less than most PG-13 movies, but there are a couple of instances of sh-- (once it’s Max who says it), da--, as-, bit--, plus several exclamations of God’s name.
  • Sex/Nudity: Some passionate kissing. A couple of scenes with women in skimpy-ish attire.
  • Thematic Material: Max’s mother died, and his dad wants very little to do with him at first. Max also discovers that his dad was paid to sign him over to his aunt and uncle.
  • Violence: Most of the violence involves stylized battles between robots in the boxing ring. The clash of metal on metal is similar to what goes down in a regular boxing match. Charlie and Max also attend some underground fights that are rather rowdy. Charlie gets beat up for not paying a gambling debt, and Max is right there as it’s all going down. In a scene that’s more scary than violent, Max falls from a high spot but is saved at the last minute.

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