• Language/Profanity: None.
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: None.
  • Sex/Nudity: None. Several beach and surfing scenes with bikini-clad women; husband and wife kiss.
  • Violence/Crime: A shark attacks Bethany and bites off her arm; Bethany goes into shock after the attack, and the stump where her arm was is visible throughout much of the rest of the film; vomiting; a dead shark is shown; surfer interference between rivals in a competition.
  • Religion/Morals: Bethany’s family attends church together and prays for each other; prayers from Bethany’s loved ones that the Lord not “take her” after the shark attack; a worship service includes a praise band leading the congregation in singing “Blessed Be Your Name”; Sara quotes Jer. 29:11; Bethany travels to Thailand on a missions trip with World Vision; Bethany’s dad reads the Bible at her bedside; her doctor calls her a “living miracle”; Philippians 4:13 is quoted; Sarah tells Bethany she was praying for her every minute after she heard about the shark attack; Bethany asks Sarah, “How can this be God’s plan for me?”; father thanks God for his friends and for his daughter.


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