• Drugs/Alcohol Content: Beer is consumed, some drunkenness.  Pot is smoked by one character.
  • Language/Profanity: Consistent (though not constant) use of many profanities throughout, including one F-word, but mostly a fairly liberal use of most swear words (s-word, a-word, h-word, d-word, b-word, etc., and creative uses of those words), as well as several instances of the Lord’s name taken in vain.  Crude vulgarities are also used on occasion, including the d-word and p-word (although this adjective is used twice as a descriptor for being a wimp, not a sexual reference).
  • Sexual Content/Nudity: Some kissing, but nothing intense or offensive.  One side character is always trying to pick-up the sister of one of the main characters, but not in a crude way.
  • Violence: Intense explosion and derailment of train; resulting carnage, including a bloody head with multiple wounds.  Several “attack” sequences by the creature that are very scary, even when it’s not seen.  Bloody after-effects of attacks, as well as a car crash.  A child is abducted by the creature, and is frightening.  Bodies are suspended upside down in an underground cave.  While not graphic, there is a murder by lethal injection.  Vomiting.  In the “zombie” short film being made by the teens, one zombie is killed by pressing his head into nails on a wall; blood runs from his mouth (though this is for comic effect, but still a little gross).  It’s a fun movie, but it’s also a scary one.