While the Farrelly Brothers said in a recent interview with USA Today that they viewed Hall Pass as "an old-fashioned story with conservative principles," the aforementioned shift in tone is still jarring and unconvincing. After all, no one should have to sit through nearly two hours of trashiness to learn that sex without commitment is empty. But when the morality tale is something the Farrellys have fashioned, well, it's probably not surprising that the lesson would be ensconced in such an unappealing wrapper. Considering they're already in their 50s, growing up, let alone good taste, may never be in the cards. 


  • Drugs/Alcohol: Social drinking, instances of public drunkenness, plus an extended scene where Rick, Fred and their equally clueless buddies eat way too many pot brownies while golfing at the local country club.

  • Language/Profanity: The whole gamut of expletives are used throughout—sh--, fu--, as-, da--, he--, plus instances where the Lord's name is taken in vain and paired with da--.

  • Sex/Nudity: Frank discussion of everything from male and female oral sex to porn (including a particularly graphic URL that Fred claims he gets his weather report from) to crass commentary on male and female anatomy and what to do with it in the bedroom. After Grace turns down Fred's advances, Fred hightails it to the family minivan and masturbates. Eventually the local police catch him in the act, but instead of confronting him, the officer motions the other officers over so they can get a look, too. A man removes his shorts at the country club (we see his bare backside) so he can get rid of the pot brownies right on the golf course. At the sauna, Rick gets a very up-close-and-personal look at two guys' genitalia. The camera zooms right in for maximum gross-out effect. While using his "hall pass," Rick considers getting busy with the cute barista he's always flirting with. She's happy to oblige and takes off her top (her bare breasts are shown). Another one of the main characters who's married sleeps with someone who's not her husband and later regrets it (nothing but kissing is shown).

  • Violence: Shots are fired when Gerry (Tyler Hoechling) thinks Rick hooked up with his fellow barista pal. There's also some violence of the comic variety (people getting kicked in inappropriate places, etc.)

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